Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jambois put thousands in ALEC owned prisons for personal and agency advancement. Absolute Power made Jambois a Sick Puppy

Barney Fife and The Police State The episode : Sherriff has to go out of town (for 8 hrs.) so he puts Barney Fife (his deputy) in charge and tells him to just keep the town quiet until he gets back. When he gets back he is pleasantly surprised because the town is very quiet. He is pleasantly surprised until he walks in his office and sees the entire town behind bars. Barney had locked up everyone in town including the mayor. Now as funny as this show is….there is much teaching and truth in these old episodes. Barney represents the undisciplined police officer. Undisciplined as far as personal growth is concerned. Undisciplined as far as hunger for power is concerned. Undisciplined as far as not using common sense and common courtesy as a human being first and foremost and an officer of the peace second. Yes….the power of being a policeman is like a drug. The power that comes with being a policeman is addicting I’m sure. How we forget the Stanford experiment (where the students became brutal very quickly merely because they had on police uniforms and the experiment had to be called off for fear of the other students safety) is beyond me. Well…not really. Anyway… we got barney going off in 2013. Barney is going off everywhere and on everybody. Here is how the people eventually put Barney back in his place. The people laughed him to shame? Take a lesson from Mayberry America. Put Barney in his place. – The King jambois was working on arresting the whole town as DA. Jambois is also famous for a murderer conviction on hearsay evidence. Only in Jambois Wississippi. Jambois is also know for protecting the Michael bell EXECUTIONERS as Kenosha District attorney. Jambios is also famous for Protect Kraus a district attorney who abused victims of crime who came to him for help. Fifteen women and 30 plus text`s and Jambois claimed he did not have enough evidence to convict. Hiding and falsifying evidence is Jambois specialty. He was Kenosha County A for 13 years until he was voted out because of his criminal acts protecting the executioners AND HIS EVIDENCE GAMES. Wisconsin does not have a legitimate avenue to address any form of public corruption. The THREE OF THE FOUR MUDERERS JAMBIOS PROTECTED STILL WALK ARE STREETS ARMED AND DANGEROUS ONE KILLED HIMSELF the only way the Michael Bell family got any form of justice. Jambois also worked for Dennis Troha convicted mafia kingpin. He helped get illegal campaign money for dozens of state legislatures and worked for many months for Dennis Troha on the states dime. To Robert Jambois Justice means Just Us. jambois has stolen life , liberty, justice and the Pursuit Of Happiness from tens of thousands of Wisconsinites for ALEC and his own personal gain.